Thursday, April 12, 2007

Springtime in Santa Fe and Prices Remain Strong!

Spring was here...and now it's gone! We had a few weeks of beautiful sunny weather in the 70's. There is no sight more beautiful than seeing the trees and flowers slowly bloom in the high desert. Bushes that look like dead sticks suddenly have green leaves popping out. That was then. This is now. Winter has returned to the land of enchantment! It was much appreciated last weekend, since Sunday was the last day of ski season. The weather cooperated by dropping another 4 inches of powder on top of a substantial base. Spring came back on Tuesday and Wednesday, and today it's cold, cloudy and wintery with more snow on the way! Such is life in the mountains - the weather can be very unpredictable.

The real estate market here continues to be very strong. Santa Fe did not suffer the huge downturn that other areas experienced over the last year. We did have some corrections to bring things back to a normal state of growth instead of the hypergrowth we were experiencing - which was not sustainable. I deal mostly with buyers from around the US and there is clearly a strong, consistent interest in Santa Fe Real Estate - especially with retiring baby boomers. For those that are tired of the big cities, traffic and air pollution, this place seems like a slice of heaven.

If we look at all sales since November, 2006 until now, on average, homes are selling at very close to list price. Good to know if you are planning on buying a property in Santa Fe. Many people come here and make lowball offers because they assume the Santa Fe market is the same as their home market. As with any large purchase, it's always best to do some homework first!

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